Friday, January 2, 2009

"How to Take Command of your Life?"

Want to Learn "How to Take Command of your Life?"

The Foundation Course for Commanding Wealth
One-day course
9:00 am – 7:00 pm

The 1-Day Seminar: The One Command® one-day event unlocks a power within you so great - activating unused portions of your mind you are propelled into your innate ability to create the life you have always desired.

Why take this Seminar? You benefit from attendance no matter what your current financial situation. Once you are consciously operating in the masterful state of theta and you issue The One Command®, you stop your old way of thinking in a moment and bring into your essential hard wired subconscious a new understanding of wealth, money, and rich living.

Scientist have proven -- this seminar works! This is a physical event in your brain and an extraordinary event in expanding your capacity for a new life. The results are magnificent. Asara often says, “You are already masters of your life – usually masters of lack and limitation. In the process of The One Command® you become masters of a rich life that is within the blueprint of your DNA, ready for you to discover.”

Throughout the One Command - 1-day you learn:

* Six-steps to the theta state
* The One Command® that stops limitation, and attracts your wealth
* To operate in theta and reach that greater capacity within you
* To instantly create cash and goods
* Program your DNA for Wealth
* Remove the beliefs that keep you in strife, and struggle
* To be rich and at peace with yourself and the world
* To create and realize all your dreams, daily

Amazing Stories:

Participants are reporting unexpected cash and checks arriving in the mail when they attend – and even before - when they simply make the commitment to attend.

A lady now has attracted an ideal partner. He is kind, loving, and intelligent.

One successful wealthy businessman reported that learning how to go into that wonderful greater capacity of his mind, the theta brain wave, finally gave him the peace of mind he previously had never experienced. This was his missing piece in living a relaxed, enjoyable life while accepting his financial security.

One graduate had a signed lease for her property within fifteen minutes after stating The One Command®. Another graduate opened a business with 0 cash, and earned over 350,000 dollars within the first five months. One investor doubled, doubled, and redoubled his investments, and is getting ready to relocate, and retire.

One couple -- living in the woods have now manifested a ranch - a retreat center!

From every walk of life participants are benefiting: One beautiful 64 year old woman on disability earned $4000 dollars in the three weeks after the One Day - The One Command® event and is continuing in her rich new life.

Very rarely do you have the opportunity to go beyond what you have ever known to reach that place of excellence within you. The unusual and dynamic teachings in The One Command®provides that opportunity!
We invite you to attend this rewarding day where you change your ideas, concepts, and expectations of wealth and riches and as a consequence the very financial fabric of your life.

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