Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The One Command in Panama City, Rep of Panama

Use that part of your brain that is not full of limitations! We invite you to participate in a new revolution of financial and personal growth through Commanding Wealth®. The principles taught in Commanding Wealth® are so powerful that once you learn them your financial and personal goals will be met with ease.

Mothers, Children, Charities, Business organizations, individuals and people from every range of experience can and have learned the simple One Command to change their financial lives. Attract new and exciting relationships using these simple steps taught in a One-day Seminar.

The One Command Process
Asara Lovejoy, the founder of The One Command has taught us the way to create the life we want! The basis for this teaching is the knowledge that you have an amazing capacity located in that resourceful part of your mind known as the theta state. By directing your mind to that greater intelligence you quickly access new and innovative ideas. You are taught to reach that greater intelligence through six-steps that change your thinking from ordinary beta to theta, a much deeper level of your consciousness.

This process -- you will LEARN: Once you are able to enter into theta at will, you issue the One Command in a unified state of mind; the results are powerful in manifesting what you desire in a moment.

On the personal level, within your body is the blueprint of your character, dreams, and desires. In this teaching you are able to reach naturally and easily into the deepest levels of yourself, even down to your DNA, and thus make remarkable changes in your life.

There is a 1-day, One Command in Panama on Jan 10, 2009 presented by Taylore Vance and Yoli Arosemena. This information teaches you to Command Your Wealth to you. Once you see the goal, no one can prevent you from making the journey. These original and unusual ideas are designed to change your life forever by changing the way that you think about cash, money, prosperity, and financial wealth.

Please join us in Commanding the wealthy future you desire and deserve, rich in money and prosperous with success, achievement, and satisfaction every step of the way!

Yoli and Taylore learned to teach the One-Day -- The One Command at the Reiki Ranch where Asara taught the teacher's 3-day workshop in 2008.

Panama phone numbers- 507-6001-4379