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How do you know when you are in theta?

How do you know when you are in theta?

Have you read the book or taken a course? Then many of you who are discovering The One Command® and your powerful theta mind have asked, how do you know when you are in theta?

6-Step Process to theta

First, as Asara Lovejoy says: "the practice of going through the 6-Step Process to theta, Grounding, Aligning in your heart, Going to Theta, Commanding, Expanding and returning into your body, unwinding and rewinding as you Receive your new good by standing on a piece of paper with the name of each step - is designed to support you with the greatest benefit."

When you buy the book/CD you are shown how to place the paper on the floor for the steps: When you practice the 6-Step process by first walking through it on the floor and standing on your 6 pieces of paper you are teaching your body, the cells of your body, and your brain what this new experience is and how to do it.

After practicing by physically walking the 6-Steps you have established the model for your brain to understand, and now you can simply, mentally take yourself through the 6-Steps: Ground, Align, Go to Theta, Command, Expand and Receive your good quite quickly.

You look up and go to Alpha. Next -- Theta consciousness: The action of moving your eyes - looking up under your closed eyes as if you are trying to see up through the top of your head is the physical action that lowers your brain waves from beta - ordinary waking consciousness - to theta / delta - and direct contact with your subconscious mind without any resistance - the very place where the beliefs you want to change reside.

Have a good out of the body trip: In addition, the visualization of traveling up and out into the universe traveling to the out side edge of the galaxy, dropping into the black void of space, seeing a pin point of light, rapidly moving toward it and bursting through into the white luminosity of that greatness that resides right within you - further lowers your brain waves into theta / delta.

As you began The One Command® process in the grounded position - this brings you into your physical body and into your human connection and your human life here on earth. This allows you to e x p a n d in equal measure into theta (up and out) as you are deeply linked to earth (down and within).

You are starting in the present moment in your body and then letting yourself E X P E R I E N C E greater parts of you that are right there within you - within your neurology and biology - right there for you to use as you learn to do so through this process.

Where are you Now? If you think that you are not in theta - that you never experience the white luminosity - aren't sure that your eyes are looking up underneath your closed eyelids or that you aren't imagining / seeing /feeling anything going on that is simply OK for a variety of reasons.

This is why some of you actually feel your eyes move rapidly back and forth while your eyes are looking up as you go into theta and Command your greater good. The process you are consciously taking yourself through is a natural one that you do every day while making decisions about your life. You especially are in theta while in your deepest state of sleep - the REM periods of sleep.

This is great training for manifesting your dreams!

Want to join a secret club where you are taught the Law of attraction by a billionaire brotherhood member?

Monday, June 8, 2009

The One Command uses the Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction is Alive and Well! (Have you heard of the “Law of Attraction” and the movie “The Secret”? )

Many people really haven't a clue on to put the principles behind the “Law” into action. The fact of the matter is that this notion of manifesting what you want is already being put into action by your conscious thoughts and feelings as well as your subconscious beliefs.

Instead of commanding our wealth, we are fearful and reacting our way through life.

Feel Powerless? Some consider themselves victims in a world that they absolutely have no control over. Stuck in a loop, like some bad movie that keeps replaying over and over? If you can relate to this and find you have been feeling like you are stuck in a rut and just can’t get out, or that you just don’t “deserve” to have what you dream of you need to go to theta and command wealth!


You could have energy blockages, blue print for earning only what your parents earned. feeling undeserving of wealth, self sabataging beliefs or contra intentions toward you having wealth and prosperity.

Say: I love you, express gratitude, have thankfulness and be open to all the situations coming to you.

Expect your day to be supported by the Universe.

Expect miracles and blessings.

Make a VISION board of everything you want to command into your life.

Make it fun, bright and colorful. Use powerful pictures that express the life you desire.

Get an energy healing!

Take an energy healing class at the Reiki Ranch. Learn to release struggle and replace it with positive affirmations placed into your energy field in a Laser Reiki energy matrix. Studying reiki is a good practice!

Asara Lovejoy, world renowned speaker, consultant, author of The One Command; founder of explains how to reach theta in moments, the brain wave of millionaires and the rich and contented. You discover portions of your mind where you create your success and stop your negative thoughts dead in the water. Learn how 58 year old Ruby went from disability to $4,000 in 3 weeks and Aeron reduced his $42,000 debt to 0. This information is like nothing you have ever heard before. Check this out: and you will look at her book and methods.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

English - Success Seminars in Panama - PTY

101-Networking For Success -

Happy Support Groups, Classes

English speaking, Law of Attraction, the secret to my success, the One Command, Reiki, Reiki Master energy healing seminars in Panama

We want to network with other English speaking groups to bring more success and happiness to the expat groups living in Panama

Friday, January 2, 2009

Reiki Healing For Alternative Health. Reiki Works!

People who are studying Reiki also see the value in learning -- The One Command.

We invite all energy healers and Reiki practitioners to participate in a new revolution of financial and personal growth through Commanding Wealth®.

The principles taught in Commanding Wealth® are so powerful that once you learn them your financial and personal goals will be met with ease.

Reiki Masters, Business organizations, individuals and people from every range of experience can and have learned the simple steps , to change their financial lives.

Reiki websites to visit:

Learn Reiki, reiki info

Reiki miracle energy healing

Reiki Ranch, Energy healing, Free Reiki classes

Reiki Instant Energy Healing- Laser Reiki

Reiki healing Articles

Reiki energy articles

Reiki Energy Healing Blog – Free thinking

"How to Take Command of your Life?"

Want to Learn "How to Take Command of your Life?"

The Foundation Course for Commanding Wealth
One-day course
9:00 am – 7:00 pm

The 1-Day Seminar: The One Command® one-day event unlocks a power within you so great - activating unused portions of your mind you are propelled into your innate ability to create the life you have always desired.

Why take this Seminar? You benefit from attendance no matter what your current financial situation. Once you are consciously operating in the masterful state of theta and you issue The One Command®, you stop your old way of thinking in a moment and bring into your essential hard wired subconscious a new understanding of wealth, money, and rich living.

Scientist have proven -- this seminar works! This is a physical event in your brain and an extraordinary event in expanding your capacity for a new life. The results are magnificent. Asara often says, “You are already masters of your life – usually masters of lack and limitation. In the process of The One Command® you become masters of a rich life that is within the blueprint of your DNA, ready for you to discover.”

Throughout the One Command - 1-day you learn:

* Six-steps to the theta state
* The One Command® that stops limitation, and attracts your wealth
* To operate in theta and reach that greater capacity within you
* To instantly create cash and goods
* Program your DNA for Wealth
* Remove the beliefs that keep you in strife, and struggle
* To be rich and at peace with yourself and the world
* To create and realize all your dreams, daily

Amazing Stories:

Participants are reporting unexpected cash and checks arriving in the mail when they attend – and even before - when they simply make the commitment to attend.

A lady now has attracted an ideal partner. He is kind, loving, and intelligent.

One successful wealthy businessman reported that learning how to go into that wonderful greater capacity of his mind, the theta brain wave, finally gave him the peace of mind he previously had never experienced. This was his missing piece in living a relaxed, enjoyable life while accepting his financial security.

One graduate had a signed lease for her property within fifteen minutes after stating The One Command®. Another graduate opened a business with 0 cash, and earned over 350,000 dollars within the first five months. One investor doubled, doubled, and redoubled his investments, and is getting ready to relocate, and retire.

One couple -- living in the woods have now manifested a ranch - a retreat center!

From every walk of life participants are benefiting: One beautiful 64 year old woman on disability earned $4000 dollars in the three weeks after the One Day - The One Command® event and is continuing in her rich new life.

Very rarely do you have the opportunity to go beyond what you have ever known to reach that place of excellence within you. The unusual and dynamic teachings in The One Command®provides that opportunity!
We invite you to attend this rewarding day where you change your ideas, concepts, and expectations of wealth and riches and as a consequence the very financial fabric of your life.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The One Command in Panama City, Rep of Panama

Use that part of your brain that is not full of limitations! We invite you to participate in a new revolution of financial and personal growth through Commanding Wealth®. The principles taught in Commanding Wealth® are so powerful that once you learn them your financial and personal goals will be met with ease.

Mothers, Children, Charities, Business organizations, individuals and people from every range of experience can and have learned the simple One Command to change their financial lives. Attract new and exciting relationships using these simple steps taught in a One-day Seminar.

The One Command Process
Asara Lovejoy, the founder of The One Command has taught us the way to create the life we want! The basis for this teaching is the knowledge that you have an amazing capacity located in that resourceful part of your mind known as the theta state. By directing your mind to that greater intelligence you quickly access new and innovative ideas. You are taught to reach that greater intelligence through six-steps that change your thinking from ordinary beta to theta, a much deeper level of your consciousness.

This process -- you will LEARN: Once you are able to enter into theta at will, you issue the One Command in a unified state of mind; the results are powerful in manifesting what you desire in a moment.

On the personal level, within your body is the blueprint of your character, dreams, and desires. In this teaching you are able to reach naturally and easily into the deepest levels of yourself, even down to your DNA, and thus make remarkable changes in your life.

There is a 1-day, One Command in Panama on Jan 10, 2009 presented by Taylore Vance and Yoli Arosemena. This information teaches you to Command Your Wealth to you. Once you see the goal, no one can prevent you from making the journey. These original and unusual ideas are designed to change your life forever by changing the way that you think about cash, money, prosperity, and financial wealth.

Please join us in Commanding the wealthy future you desire and deserve, rich in money and prosperous with success, achievement, and satisfaction every step of the way!

Yoli and Taylore learned to teach the One-Day -- The One Command at the Reiki Ranch where Asara taught the teacher's 3-day workshop in 2008.

Panama phone numbers- 507-6001-4379